Tumble stone vertical hole 10-13mm necklaces full stones

Product Description:

Tumble stone vertical hole 10-13mm necklaces full stones with metal clasp.( could be matched with bracelet for a set)

Stones: Rock Crystal/Rose Quartz/Amethyst light/Amethyst dark/Amethyst Cape/Lavender Amethyst/Green Aventurine/Red Jasper/others Jasper/Ametrine/Citrine/Prehnite/Preridot/Diopside/Lapis Lazuli/Aquamarine/Kyanite/Gold Son Stone/Multi-color Moon stone/Blue Moon stone/Pink Opal/Larimar/Amazonite(China)/Amazonite(Russia)/Malachite/Turquoise natural/Chrysocolla/Chrysoprase/Choarite/Seraphinite/Black Tourmaline/Hyperstelne/Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Kunzite/Sugilite....all expensive stones but lower quality in tumble stone.

MOQ: 20str./stone

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